How to Find the Best Jeans for an Hourglass Body Shape- Get the Best Amazon Deals

Jeans as a clothing has become a necessity in today’s contemporary lifestyle. Whether you are a working professional, or a homemaker, or a college student sometime or the other you really need a good pair of jeans to wear either with your stylish top, or your turtleneck sweater or your favorite pullover. Some people cannot imagine even one single day without a good pair of denim in their wardrobe. So, how to you find the best jeans for your body shape? Let’s have a look at the various types of denim styles and their suitability for an hourglass body shape.

What are the common mistakes you make while purchasing jeans?

  • Purchasing jeans that doesn’t suit your body shape.
  • Jeans with a poor fabric quality.
  • Jeans that lose their original colour and fitness after a wash.
  • And definitely last but not the least- jeans that is just not your size.

Best Jeans for an Hourglass Body Shape

What is an Hourglass Body Shape?

You have an hourglass figure, if your full hip line and your full bust line are the same width, and your waist is well- defined. Women with an hourglass figure usually have a balanced vertical body shape, and this means a round and curvy body with shapely legs and generous thighs.

High-Rise Jeans

Wear high-rise jeans that accentuate the curve of your waist and the shape of your legs. If you are looking on Amazon India, then Levi’s women’s high-rise wedgie straight fit jeans would be an awesome product for you. The denim is perfect for people who are looking for comfort with style, and the beauty of this product is that it looks flattering on almost every body shape.

Slim or Straight-Cut Jeans

Wear Slim or Straight-cut jeans that enhance the shape of your hourglass figure. Levi’s Women’s High-Rise Slim Fit denim on Amazon India is an excellent product for hourglass figures if they wish to enhance the shape of their body with the help of a fitted lower which can be matched with a trendy top.

Boot-Cut or Slightly Flared Jeans

Hourglass Figures can carry boot-cut or flared pants very well, if the flare is not wider than the width of their shoulder. Your wide leg denim should flare gently from the waist down. This boot-cut denim by VERO MODA available on Amazon India offers great style at a good price.

What not to buy while buying jeans for an hourglass figure?

  • Don’t buy jeans with low waist, like the boyfriend jeans. Boyfriend jeans are meant to be relaxed and comfy and they do not fit well on the curves of an hourglass body shape.
  • Also, don’t buy jeans that are too tight around your hips as they will draw attention to your hips.
  • Do not wear very loose-fitted denims which do not accentuate the hourglass shape of your body.

Here you can learn about the various Casual pant styles for dressing up an hourglass figure. Dressing up any body shape requires bringing proportion to the body and with simple dressing techniques you can purchase the right kind of outfit to dress beautifully.

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