How to Dress a Rectangle Body Shape- Simple Rules to Dress Up Beautifully

Dressing up a body in style requires understanding the natural shape of the body. You don’t have to go through any technical details to understand your natural silhouette. Instead, you should just look into the mirror and identify rough prominent body and facial lines to understand your body shape.

What is a Rectangle Body Shape? 

You have a rectangle body shape if:

    • You have a straight silhouette which is characterized by an equal width of hips and shoulders.

    • Your waist is as wide as or just slightly narrower than your hips/shoulders.

What Does a Rectangle Body Shape Command?

A rectangle body shape commands that the garment pieces you wear have straight vertical side seams or give the impression of one continuous vertical seam line from shoulder to hem.

What does this mean for your garments?

    • The shoulders are never optically diminished.

    • The shoulders never go beyond the hips.

    • The skirts never flare or taper at the bottom.

How to dress a Rectangle Body Shape?

Necklines for Tops/ Dresses

V- Neck Top







V neck, square neck, round neck or cowl neck. All these will look good on a rectangle body shape.

Jackets/ Tops

Below Waist Jackets






Below Waist Jackets/Tops.

Straight lines in your jackets.

Details on Garments

The details should always be on the top.


Straight Skirt






Skirts should be straight.

Avoid skirts with a flare or a tapering shape at the bottom.


Flat Front Pants






Pants should be flat front.

The bottom of the pants could be tailored to fit the body shape.

What to Avoid?

Raglan sleeves in tops or dresses

Pleats on bottom.

Rectangle body shape usually has an undefined
waistline, so most of the garments including your tops, dresses, jackets or
skirts should follow the straight-line pattern in order to drive the eye away from
the waist. Wearing garments according to your body shape helps in creating the
right outfit that matches your personality and confidence.







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