Black is Beautiful – Reveal Your Dark Side with Black

You can wear black at any time. You can wear it at any age. You may wear it for almost any occasion; a ‘little black frock’ is essential to a woman’s wardrobe.” – Christian Dior

We all love the colour black; it portrays mystery, depth, and magic. Black is extremely powerful as a colour and black clothing has undeniable power. Black is not an actual colour, but what makes it powerful is its tendency to absorb all wavelengths.

Fashion and black colour have seen a beautiful relation since ages, and this makes black colour the most preferred choice of the major fashion designers all across the world. According to Quartz “From the third quarter of 2014 to the same time in 2017, Edited found that black clothing for women grew substantially at a number of fast-fashion brands—by 269% at Boohoo, 145% at Zara, 114% at H&M, and 89% at Forever 21″.

Black Dress 

Courtesy- New York Magazine

What Makes Black the Perfect Choice for Fashion Creators?

Black looks good on every skin tone and has the power to match up with almost any colour combination. If you don’t want to wear pure black, you can wear black colour in combination with other strong colours like Fiery Red or Bright Yellow or Turquoise Blue. In technical terms Black and Grey are neutral shades, and this makes them a perfect partner for combining them with different colour patterns and styles. The unique feature of black colour lies in its capability to appear stylish and elegant on any body shape or skin tone, and this makes the colour “Stay in Style Forever”. The power and elegance of the colour makes it a perfect choice for Corporate Dressing and what makes it the best choice is its neatness and smoothness in any form of clothing.

Woman in a Black Dress

What Makes Black Your Favourite Choice for Dressing?

“Black is always elegant. It is the most complete color in the whole world, made of all the colors in the palette.” – Ricardo Tisci

Black is never out of fashion. It goes by the saying “Always in Style”.
Black goes with almost everything in your closet.

You can save on your clothing budget by repeating the same black dress or suit for 3 times in a week, and hardly anyone will comment on that.

It doesn’t get dirty very fast and requires low maintenance cost.

The best part about wearing black is that it makes you look thinner.

Black has elegance and this fact makes the clothing you own in black look expensive.

Black can be worn in any weather without any restrictions.

Fashion magazines like Vogue dress up their models in black outfits, as the colour is in demand because of its unique qualities.

Corporate Dressing in Black and Grey

How Can You Break the Monotony of Black Colour?

Wearing all black is not everybody’s cup of tea, as overall black in all your dresses will not allow people to distinguish your one dress from the other. Some people are crazy about wearing black, but it builds up boredom in your dressing and you feel like looking a little colourful on some days. Betty Halbreich says, “If people are used to seeing you in head- to- toe- black, of course you’ll stand out crazy if you all of a sudden show up one day in head- to- toe fuschia.”

Let’s Have a Look at Some of the Tips to Break this Monotony!

If you are wearing a fitted black dress, then break the monotony by looping an animal- print scarf around your neck or wrap an animal print belt around your waist. This will break the monotony of the colour and will also help in accentuating the shape of your waist.

Try wearing a chic gold chain around your neck. The size and weight of the chain should vary according to your body proportions. Imagine a light weight and extremely thin person wearing a heavy gold chain on a dress. Don’t commit this simple mistake, instead watch out for your body proportions and then select your accessories.

Try pairing your favourite black t- shirt with coloured stockings or slacks from your closet.

Shoes are loved by most women across the world. Sometimes, you make a purchase which you later feel is not right for you. This could be just like the bright pink shoes in your shoe rack. Pair up these shoes with your black dress and see the magic for yourself.

Break the monotony by hanging a red bag on your shoulders.

If you are wearing a black suit, then try wearing a trendy colurful shirt under your suit.

A black dress with a low- neckline looks great with a set of pearls or coloured beads.

Mix your black with other neutral shades like brown and grey and this might give you the right look that is not too colourful.

Black is certainly beautiful, and it has been in fashion since ages. Black symbolizes elegance, attractiveness and simplicity, and a mix of all three attributes gives you an outfit ‘That Never Goes Out of Style’.

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