How to Create the Illusion of a Curved Waist

Dressing up is an art and to dress up properly you need to understand your body shape and proportions. If you have a curved waist, then it is important for you to highlight it while dressing up or alternatively if you don’t have one you can always create the illusion of a curve with your dressing up style. You also have the choice of highlighting your arc waist feature if you are in love with it. Let’s discuss the various dressing styles for camouflaging or emphasizing the arc waist feature.

What is the Arc waist?

The arc waist is the long concave shallow curved line that begins at or near the under-arm and arcs in a bow like fashion to the widest part of the hip. If you have an arc waist you will find that your waist does not have a ‘niche’ on which a belt can easily rest.

How to Create the Illusion of a Curved Waist with Your Dressing Style?

Simply wear a garment that does not take the shape of your body. This will actually cover up the feature creatively and will help in hiding the waist.

non-fitted garment

Use diagonal lines or vertical lines in the design of your dress in order to create the illusion of a waist.

Diagonal or Vertical Lines

Avoid using horizontal lines in your dresses or garments, as this will direct the eye away from the feature and break up the space.

Horizontal Lines in Dresses

To create the illusion of a smaller waist, wear a midriff style dress. The dress that you wear should have gathers at the top and bottom of the mid-section. This way you can create the illusion of a smaller waist by surrounding the feature with more space to change its size optically.

Dresses with Midriff Style

You can use horizontal lines above and below the arc waist in order to break the long line or the monotony of your arc waist. This dressing technique helps in creating a defined mid-section for your waist. Again, you are using the technique of using line to direct the eye away from the feature and break up the space.

You can also use diagonal lines in the mid-section of your garments to break up the long line of arc.

Diagonal Lines in the Middle







On the other hand, if you wish to highlight your waist arc feature then you can use these dressing techniques:

Wear a dress that is cut on the bias, as a bias cut follows the contour of the body and puts emphasis on your arc waist. You can also add a curve in the construction that repeats the line of the arc waist. These dressing techniques allow you to repeat or extend the arc waist feature to emphasize it.

Dresses with a Bias Cut

Wear a Princess cut design to emphasize the arc waist. This dressing technique does not have a strong horizontal line, but it does emphasize the arc waist.

Dresses with a Princess Cut Design

You can highlight the waist in a form-fitting bodice, or you can use diagonal lines on the waist in your garment to create the required balance in dressing up. You can also wear a flared top with your skirt or pants to create the balance.

You can highlight the waist with hip-hugger pants or a short-cropped top and show your creative skills while dressing up. Do not use horizontal lines at the waist.

Crop Top with a Hip-Hugger Pant

Dressing up according to the style you want requires the self-confidence to carry the entire outfit with grace. Fashion is what you choose for yourself as your own unique dressing style. So, you can choose to either create an illusion of a curved waist or use some amazing dressing techniques to highlight your arc waist.

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