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How to Acquire Good Communication Skills?

The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said- Peter Drucker

The word communication has been derived from a Latin word ‘Communicare’ which refers to ‘share’. So, we can define communication as the process of sharing information, ideas, thoughts, feelings and emotions between two or more people. 

Communication Skills

What are Good Communication Skills?

Imagine an informal party scene where all the guests are gathered for a wedding ceremony. You will find that the entire gathering is segregated into groups of people who know each other in some way or the other. But have you ever wondered why you see only a single person in the group leading the conversation, while the others are either listening to what he is speaking or are discussing around whatever conversation he or she initiates in the group. 

The answer is simple- Such people are either natural communicators or they have practiced enough to learn the art of communication. People with good communication skills can speak with ease in any situation.

So, what are Good Communication Skills:

Listening to other people

If communication is an art, then listening is the communication skill that is needed for mastering that art. The ability to listen to other people during a conversation is an art and this art can be learnt very easily with little practice. Even in formal situations, where one has to communicate with his or her boss, the art of listening comes in handy. So, what do you actually gain from listening to people during communication?

    • Listening as an art is actually a diplomatic way of showing that you are interested in what other people are saying to you. So, if you really want to keep your friends and colleagues interested in conversing with you, then you must practice the art of listening to them when they are communicating with you.

    • Do treat the speaker with respect even the subject does not sound too interesting to you, as any kind of information given by the speaker will add to your wisdom and knowledge.

    • In the corporate world today, there are various instances where the bosses say that the employees don’t listen to the given orders carefully and that results in mismanagement. So, listen to what others have to say and act accordingly.

Good Body Language

If Language was given to men to conceal their thoughts, then gesture’s purpose was to disclose them- John Napier

Body language refers to non-verbal communication, and non-verbal communication is equally important when we talk about good communication skills. Body language tells a lot about a person’s character. You might get to know through a person’s body language whether he is interested in communicating with you or on the contrary is not paying any attention to what you are speaking. A few language body tips would be:

    • Shake hands firmly when you meet someone.

    • Maintain proper eye contact while communicating with the other person.

    • Don’t stand too close to someone you are speaking to. This is called respecting the territorial boundaries of others during a conversation.

    • Never back someone into a wall while speaking. Providing appropriate space during any kind of conversation makes the other person feel comfortable.

Sharpen Your Conversational Skills

What are the Qualities of a Good Conversationalist?

Good communication requires you to be a good conversationalist and a good conversationalist is well-informed, polite, interested in others, and enthusiastic. Good conversationalists make the other people feel good, give them ideas and hope, and make any kind of conversation an interesting conversation. So, what are the qualities of a good conversationalist for an effective communication?

    • Can talk on a broad range of subjects.

    • Shows interest in what other people are doing, how they are doing and where they are heading.

    • Can make a fast switch between subjects according to the interests of the people in the communication group.

    • Know how to tailor their topics to the interest of the people with whom they are communicating.

    • Don’t interrupt others during any kind of conversation.

    • Speak from their knowledge and wisdom.

    • Refrain in public from correcting other people’s etiquette, facts, grammar or pronunciation.

    • Accept compliments gracefully, rather than refuse them.

    • Know when to talk business and when not to.

    • Address everyone within the group and not just one or two people.

    • Know how to pay compliments gracefully.

Learn Etiquette for Various Situations

Etiquette are the norms that people should follow to conduct themselves in any situation. These are the set rules for any situation right from dining to office communication. If you know your etiquette well, you will be known as a person with effective communication skills and good manners.

So, good communication skills can be acquired with regular practice. Communication skills are important as they help you to create the required image for yourself in front of other people.

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