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How to Find the Best Jeans for an Inverted Triangle Body Shape- Get the Best Amazon Deals

Jeans as a clothing has become a necessity in today’s contemporary lifestyle. Whether you are a working professional, or a homemaker, or a college student, sometime or the other you really need a good pair of jeans to wear either with your stylish top, or your turtleneck sweater or your favourite pullover. Some people cannot imagine even one single day without a good pair of denim in their wardrobe. So, how to you find the best jeans for your body shape? Let’s have a look at the various types of denim styles and their suitability for different body shapes.

What are the common mistakes you make while purchasing jeans?

  • Purchasing jeans that doesn’t suit your body shape.
  • Jeans with a poor fabric quality
  • Jeans that lose their original colour and fitness after a wash.
  • And definitely last but not the least- jeans that is just not your size

Inverted Triangle Body Shape

You have an Inverted Triangle Body Shape if you have a proportionally large bust, or broad shoulders, or both. People with this body shape have narrow hips with a well-defined waist. You most likely are a long-legged vertical body shape with proportionally slim legs. You may also have a flat bottom. Here you can learn how to dress up an inverted triangle body shape.

What are the Best Denim Styles for an Inverted Triangle Body Shape?

  • Boyfriend jeans would look good on an Inverted Triangle body shape, as they will be loose around the bottom, and this will help in bringing proportion to your body. Get Boyfriend jeans on Amazon India for Rs. 1099.
  • Boot cut styled jeans or a flared bottom jeans would look good on an inverted triangle shape body, as it would balance the width of the upperpart of the body – Get Flared Fit Jeans on Amazon for Rs. 899.
  • Invered triangle shape body can be balanced if the jeans or trousers come with some details on the back. Like wearing curved back pockets or pockets with flaps might give some shape to the backside of an Inverted Triangle Body Shape. Get Jeans with details on the back for Rs. 899 on Amazon India.
  • Pair your jeans with a flattering V-neck top to give the look of an overall balanced body shape. Get V-Neck Tops on Amazon India.

What Should Be Avoided by an Inverted Triangle Shape Person While Dressing Up?

  • Clothes that do not have any shape. Such clothes might make your figure look broader than it actually is.
  • Avoid using shoulder pads or any kind of details on the upper part of the body, as it will enhance the volume of the upper part.
  • Do not wear too many accessories, as it will draw attention to the broadest part of your body. Wear delicate accessories and use a minimalist approach, as while dressing up you have to draw more attention to the lower slim part of your body for achieving a perfect balance with your fabulous dressing up technique.

Any body shape like the Inverted Triangle Body Shape needs to achieve the required balance with the correct dressing up technique. Your dressing up should focus on drawing attention to the shapeliest part of your body to achieve that perfect balance with the correct outfit.

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