Do’s and Don’ts of Mix and Match- How to Create a New Outfit from the Clothes You Own?

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street. Fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”- Coco Chanel

You own your personal style and what it needs is just a pinch of professional advice to make it look perfect. We spend years, days and hours cribbing about the fact that we don’t have enough good clothes to carry ourselves in the manner we want ourselves to. But is it truly correct or is it just a myth that has been there for generations?

Just look into your wardrobe and you will find loads of pieces that you can mix and match to create the right look for any occasion. Though there are some Do’s and Don’ts that you have to follow while creating your perfect look.

Let’s take a look into these Mix and Match Do’s and Don’ts:

Betty Halbreich says that wardrobes are not built in a day, and you should learn to mix and match your basics for creating variety in your clothing. So, do not just immediately hang the new clothes you buy in the closet, instead try them with various other outfits in your wardrobe. This might result in something that would give you your most desired look.

Don’t wear a boxy suit jacket over jeans

Never wear a boxy suit jacket over jeans, as it would make you look like a box with denim legs. I am sure you don’t want that look for any occasion.

Do mix and match your fitted jackets with straight line skirts

Always try and match your fitted jackets with straight line skirts. It adds shape to your body lines and makes you look chic in your newly created outfit.

Fitted Jacket with a Skirt





Don’t ever mix a bold pattern on top of another bold pattern

Don’t ever mix a bold pattern on top of another bold pattern, as neither of them would be a visible part of your outfit. I believe you want to look extraordinarily beautiful, and not extraordinarily striking.

Mixing bold with bold 

Courtesy- Velvet






Do mix and match black and grey

If own a pair of fawn colored or grey colored khakis, then mix them with a black fitted top. Even a black turtleneck would look great with the pair of khakis you own.

Mixing Black and Grey 
Courtesy- American Two Shot




Buy a Glamorous Silk Shirt or Top

Want to look good for the evening. Try this. Buy a glamorous silk shirt or top and wear it with a pair of fitted pants or a fitted skirt with black heels, and you are set for your desired evening look.

Silk Top 







Mix the Right Colors

Matching your outfits requires matching the right color combinations also. If you wear a fitted black top with a black fitted skirt, then it might look good. On the other hand, wearing a yellow top with a yellow pair of pants might look like a total disaster. Understand the color combinations that complement each other before mixing and matching your different pieces of clothing.

Don’t go by what’s given in the flashy pictures of a fashion magazine

Don’t go by what’s given in the flashy pictures of a fashion magazines. Those pictures are given to introduce the colors for the coming season. They might wear a flashy pink top with a yellow skirt, but before diving into your pockets to turn the idea into a reality, you should actually check whether it’s a practical combination or not. Rather you should look at buying a top or shirt that is the hottest color of the season and mix it up with any other black skirt or any pair of black trousers.

Understand the power of a scarf

If you are wearing a collared shirt, then don’t forget to complement your outfit with a colored silk scarf, which can be tucked inside your collar.

Try mixing your printed, pinstripes, or plaid bottoms with solid-colored tops and shirts. In a similar way mix your printed or striped tops or shirts with solid-colored pants or bottoms. It helps you in breaking the monotony of a single color or single line in an outfit, and that makes the outfit look more vibrant and colorful.

So, mixing and matching your outfits requires very little effort, but delivers extraordinary results. Just look into your wardrobe and find out the good pieces of clothing that haven’t been used by you lately. Match and Mix them with some beautiful pieces you own and create your new outfit for any occasion at no extra cost.


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