ChatGPT- The New AI Powered Chatbot: Is it Actually a Threat to Google?

ChatGPT an AI powered chatbot has been created by OpenAI. ChatGPT is a unique model as it interacts in a conversational way. It has the capability to answer follow-up questions, acknowledge its mistakes, challenge incorrect premises, and reject inappropriate requests.

It has been launched as a free software for users during the trial period and can be tried at The preview has been kept free by the company as a part of the process that involves collecting feedback about the product, which eventually involves learning about its strengths and weaknesses.

How Does this AI Powered Chatbot Work?

The company has used the technique of Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF) to train this unique model. To achieve success the process involved training an initial model using supervised fine tuning. During the fine-tuning process Human AI trainers provided conversations in which they played the roles of the user and an AI assistant simultaneously. The trainers were then given model-written suggestions, which helped them to compose their messages. The model is capable of engaging in natural-sounding conversations with humans. It provides creative and imaginative answers which sometimes are far from the actual reality.

The Limitations of the Model

  1. The model sometimes gives believable solutions, but in actual they are not the correct answers.
  2. If the question is rephrased, then the answer might change altogether.
  3. Unclear instructions would ask for more clarity in the questions asked.

The company is looking at feedback from the customers to rework the model for better suitability and performance.

How is this Chatbot Being Used?

The Chatbot users have used the model to write essays for various jobs like college work, create video games with the theme Harry Potter, and generate piano music that has been inspired by Mozart. It can also be used to get ideas on philosophy and to debate on political issues.

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Is the New ChatGPT a threat to Google?

Bloomberg reveals that the answers given by the chatbot are more useful than the answers given by Google search, and this might be a threat to the biggest search engine of the world. It further says that Open AI has brought its most powerful language generating system to the world, and this model can be used to work on some very inventive commands. Bloomberg believes that Google uses the process of crawling a number of pages and then it indexes them and ranks them in order to give certain results for a query. On the other hand, the new AI chatbot gives a quick answer based on its search and synthesis of that information. It provides a frictionless experience which can actually challenge the power and authority of Google Search Engine.

Why is Google Still the Most Powerful Search Engine?

It is not an easy task to beat the database that Google has in store for providing relevant results for a particular search query. Google as a brand is known for its speed, accuracy of search results, use of a more sophisticated algorithm system as compared to other search engines, its various associated platforms and tools, and its unbeatable Google support system. Chatbots have always been a hype in the market, as big companies like Microsoft have referred to them as fun companions. This kind of approach by the leaders in the industry does not allow the new ChatGPT to hide its most visible flaws. Sometimes the AI Chatbot tends to give some wrong imaginative answers which have no relevance in the practical world.  These answers would create space for spreading wrong information and it has been accepted by the creators of ChatGPT.

We have to really think whether it’s a wise choice to work with a highly intelligent AI system that has the capability to spread wrong information and hide its actual identity? ChatGPT is definitely a revolutionary product in the market, but these models have a long way to go when it comes to threating the power of Google as the most established and most useful search engine in the market.

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